Leica – bringing legendary Swiss precision to your laser measurement situations.
For almost a century now, Leica has been producing their superb instruments – the company founder’s first design was a rangefinder for the military. He moved into the field of surveying instruments and the rest is history – and a superb reputation. Our range of Leica laser distance meters and measurement tools are ready to deliver the results you need, no matter where you’re working. We offer dot, rotating, and cross line laser options, as well as a wide choice in fine laser distance meters, including devices with integrated Bluetooth Smart technology. No matter your laser measurement needs, you should find a superb Leica solution here.
These highly regarded Leica laser distance meter products are available at our usual superb Discount Trader prices. Of course, you may want to discuss your specific needs with one of our in-store experts. Advice is as free as you’d expect it to be; all you need to do is phone us on (03) 8555 0035.
Each Discount Trader purchase is delivered at low shipping cost to anywhere across our great country. Each is also provided with a full useful 14-day returns option. We do like satisfied customers!

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