Power Tools

Power Tools – delivering that powerful oomph you often need to get the job done

Around 400 electric, power tools and multi tools, drills and accessories are ready and waiting for you to choose and use right here and now at Discount Trader, your online tool warehouse based in Melbourne but shipping right across Australia. So, here they are: angle and bench grinders, circular saws and heating and glue guns, wrenches, jig-saws and nibblers and shears. Then you’ll also be able to locate screwdrivers and routers, planers and polishers, saws and sanders, wet polishers and sharpening systems. We could go on to mention rotary hammer drills and mitre saws, vacuums and steamers… but it’s simpler just to quickly check out all the choices for yourself.

If, amazingly, you can’t set your eyes on just what you need, we believe in power to the people. So ring us up and tell our helpful and eager Customer Services team here at Discount Trader to find it for you! You’ll reach them on (03) 8555 0035. Great value prices, low shipping costs and a 14-day return commitment complete a powerful purchase package.

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