Topcon – providing superb positioning laser level systems and laser level equipment.
It’s around 15 years since Topcon officially arrived in Australia, but long before this they were already well known and admired for their professional expertise in creating and manufacturing the finest of positioning technology for surveyors, engineers, contractors and operators.
As you’ll see from the superb products here, this reputation is truly well-earned. Topcon provide laser measure and proven high accuracy red and green beam pipe laser level kits. They also manufacture both self levelling, and fully rechargeable, equipment packs. These are always ready to perform wherever you need to be taking those vital precision measurements and making important judgements. Check out your superb Topcon choices now.
These brilliant Topcon positioning systems and laser level kits are offered at the usual amazing Discount Trader value. If you want to know more about them, just call our well-versed team on (03) 8555 0035. They may also mention that all our products are delivered Australia wide at low shipping cost; and every item enjoys a 14-day returns policy, fully backing up any purchase you make which makes your choice of Topcon seem simple, particularly as they provide so much help even in difficult work locations!

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