In 1857, Mathias Klein emigrated to the USA from Germany and made his way west to set up shop in Chicago’s bustling downtown business district, the “communications industry” amounted to nothing more than a few bare wires strung on lean telegraph poles.

Perhaps the only job Mathias Klein ever did “halfway” involved the first tool he ever made, which was — in fact — one half pair of pliers. A broken side-cutting pliers was brought to his forge shop by a telegraph lineman. Mathias Klein forged and finished a new half for the tool, riveted it to the old, and the lineman went on his way. Shortly thereafter the lineman returned. The other original half of the tool had now broken and Mathias Klein forged the second pliers half, producing the first complete Klein pliers.

The world has come a long way since 1857. Klein has become a multi-million dollar manufacturer… yet a company still concerned about meeting professional needs – and making products to professional-quality standards.

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