Paslode – providing superb tools and products to nail so many tasks and projects.
Sports stars and others are often said to have ‘nailed’ their performance. This is certainly true of Paslode! To give them their full name, Packing Shipping Loading Devices have been delivering the goods for over 80 years now. They created the first stapling hammer, pneumatic nailer and then later, the famous nail gun – and, of course, you’ll find these here. Paslode offer many other vital tools and products. We’ve more than 50 of these terrific Paslode products in stock, including lubricating oil, degreaser sprays, bradders, as well as pneumatic, angled and galvanised nails. You’ll also find brads, staple guns and staples, replacement lithium nailer batteries, portable compressors and more.
Paslode nail guns and supporting products are available here at our great low Discount Trader prices. Each order is delivered at minimal shipping cost anywhere across our great country (free for orders over $100 and weighing under 25kg). Each purchase you make is backed-up with a terrific 14-day returns option. Well, we do appreciated that satisfied customers tell their friends and then use us again!
By the way, if you have any queries about our thousands of products, we’re at the end of this telephone line (03) 8555 0035, and always ready to help!

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