Automotive – tools to work on or spruce up any car, truck, trailer, tractor, bus, van or ute

Over two and a half thousand of them all ready and waiting to be put to use. Great choice and, as you know, here at Discount Trader, we also work so hard to belt down those prices and drive up the value we offer! If you need a trolley or truck jack or stand to gain work access, we have over 40 options. There are more than 100 automotive and car tool kits and sets and double that number of tool boxes and other storage options. More than a dozen choices of vacuums and blowers means you’ll surely find one to fit the bill. Plus spray guns and spanners, ratchets and pullers, torque wrenches and screwdriver sets. There’s just so much choice in vehicle touch-up, servicing and repair automotive tools. You’ll find drain, spark and pressure testers and gauges, auger bits and pressure spray brake cleaners; plus chargers for batteries and breaker bars. Enough from us – just see for yourself!
If you need to know more please call our Discount Trader team on (03) 8555 0035. Two final things to know: our shipping prices are as low as they can be (sometimes post-free), and each item you buy comes with a 14-day returns option.

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