Measuring Tools

Measuring Tools – around 450 equipment and devices options for when careful testing, checking or measuring is essential

When it’s got to be right, when that measure must be truly accurate, Discount Trader will have just what you need. From a simple tape measure or reel to laser distance and level measures, from voltage testers to digital multimeters, plus gauges galore and various verniers, we can help you find the accurate information you need. You might want a stud finder or measuring wheel, require a magnetic base or micrometer. If you wish the support of a tripod or a plain or folding ruler, you’ll find them here. We’ll even keep your spirits level with more than three dozen such options.

You’ll also find we always do our level best to make sure our measuring tools prices are hugely competitive and the choice simply unmatched. When you add the benefit of a 14-day returns option and our commitment to low shipping costs anywhere in Australia, you’ll see that, measure for measure, Discount Trader truly delivers the results you always expect. Of course, if you need to know more, we’re right here: (03) 8555 0035.

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