Gardena 1891-20 Select Automatic Water Computer – Made in Germany

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Product Description












Top product quality

GARDENA German-made quality products stand for trusted performance, reliability and continual innovation











Automatic and time-saving irrigation

Using a GARDENA Water Control, your garden can be reliably and conveniently watered – even if you are not at home. You obtain more leisure time, have a lush green lawn and also beautiful, healthy plants. If the automatic irrigation system is started in the early morning hours or the evenings, less water evaporates. This saves money and ensures targeted, optimised irrigation











Easy operation

The Water Control can easily be adjusted using a rotary and push switch for selection of the data and for confirmation. An easily-legible LC display shows all settings at a glance. The weatherproof operating unit can be removed to carry out the settings. Thanks to an optional key lock, inadvertent adjustment of the settings can be prevented











Flexible irrigation with 3 schedules

Flexible irrigationThree different and independent schedules can be created for the irrigation system. The start, duration and weekdays of the irrigation can be adjusted. Highly flexible plans can be set according to your personal tastes. Plant connoisseurs use this for example for additional pre-watering which prepares the soil and roots for the later, main irrigation. This improves the water absorption and plant growth











‘Water Now’ function

If the irrigation has to be started immediately, this can be manually activated without removing the unit from the tap or changing the settings











‘Safe Stop’ technology

The Water Control always works reliably due to the ‘Safe Stop’ technology. If the energy levels of the battery are too low to completely control an irrigation process, then this process is not commenced. The battery level indication in the display also tells you when the battery has to be replaced











Water-saving operation

On connection of the GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor, the automatic irrigation is not activated if the soil moisture is sufficient. This permits an improved water supply for plants as well as water-saving irrigation


  • Flexible watering thanks to its three independent irrigation schedules
  • The GARDENA Select Water Computer connects to the tap and manages up to three irrigation programs automatically. Programming is uncomplicated thanks to the step-by-step menu, simple controls and easy-to-read energy saving LCD display. Up to 3 individual programs can be set to start and stop independently
  • With the possibility of setting up to 3 individual programs, the Select Water Computer offers that much-needed flexibility when catering to the specific needs of your gardens and lawns. It can be used in conjunction with a GARDENA Soil Moisture Sensor to maximise water efficiency
  • Its start time, watering duration (1min – 7hrs 59mins) and watering days can be selected freely without restrictions. It can be easily programmed and the unit can be used manually at any time. Made from UV stabilised material tested to the equivalent of 3 years of Australian sunshine and is rated to 1200 kPa
  • The weatherproof detachable control panel makes handling and programming trouble-free and comfortable and the key lock feature ensures that programming is childproof. The rotating swivel Tap Nut Adaptor, suitable for ¾” and 1” taps, allows the Water Control to be connected to a tap that is located very close to a wall
  • The integrated battery level display indicates 4 battery levels: up to 1 year, min. 4 weeks, max. 4 weeks and too weak to use. The Safe Water Stop function verifies that there is enough battery power to complete the upcoming watering cycle. If not, the cycle is not commenced
  • It is made in Germany and comes with a 2-year warranty

Irrigation Settings:

  • Watering duration 0 h 1 min – 7 h 59 min
  • Watering frequency Free selection of irrigation days


  • Article No. 1891-20
  • Energy supply 1 x 9 V alkaline battery (not included)
  • Sensor connection Yes
  • Operating pressure Min 5 bar
  • Operating pressure Max 12 bar
  • Thread For taps with 3/4″ and 1″ thread


  • 4078500045698

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