GEARWRENCH – recognised throughout Australia as a tool and tool box industry leader.
Far and wide, GEARWRENCH are recognised as magnificent innovators in the hand tool industry, with a range of products for almost every job you can imagine. That’s why, here at Discount Trader, we stock more than 800 different GEARWRENCH product lines. From tools to tool boxes, we’re sure you’ll find just what you need.
Lots of wrenches – obviously – but your choice ranges far beyond that starting point. You’ll find superb hammers and terrific ratchets (another one of their many specialities), plus spinner handles or universal joints. Socket, pliers and screwdriver sets are there, as are swivel vices; and their brake service and general purpose tool sets are just brilliant, as are their boxes, bags and chest and trolley options. If you need a telescoping inspection mirror or extendable pry bar, they’re here as well! Browse these GEARWRENCH tools and toolboxes now and you’ll see for yourself.
Buying GEARWRENCH and other products from Discount Trader means stunning value and so-low shipping charges. We also provide a terrific 14-day returns policy. Need to know more? It just takes a call to our Melbourne HQ on (03) 8555 0035.

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