Stabila LA 180 L Layout Station Auto Alignment Set Multi-Line Laser LA180L 18044

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Product Description




  • Self-levelling / Plumb points / Plumb and level lines / Industry first – Auto aligning 90 degree layout lines


  • Industry first laser “transceiver” transmits it’s location to the to the laser via radio frequency, signalling the laser to automatically pivot on “Point A” to find “Point B”. As soon as this connection is established, the laser locks into position and the transceiver automatically switches to receive mode, allowing you to pick it up and move it around the work site as a standard laser receiver
  • Layout lines can be quickly established and transferred by just one person
  • Plumb points, horizontal beam and three adjustable perpendicular vertical beams
  • Full plane vertical beams cover floors, walls and ceilings
  • Bright, crisp lines visible to 65′, or 328′ with included receiver
  • Slide out battery drawer allows battery change without disturbing the laser’s reference position
  • Servo motor controlled self levelling


  • Laser class 2
  • Output ‹ 1 mW
  • Laser wavelength 635 nm
  • Self-levelling range horizontal approx. ± 5°
  • Levelling accuracy ± 0.07 mm/m
  • Line straightness ± 0.1 mm/m
  • Range of visible line 20 m*
  • Range with receiver ** up to 100 m
  • Batteries included 4 x D 1.5 V
  • Battery run-time approx. 20 h
  • * Indoors in typical working conditions
  • ** In a straight line the range is up to 100 m and 40 m at an angle of 45° to the instrument’s axis

LA 180 L multi-line laser

  • Measurably faster work — with the horizontal line and receiver. Indoors and outdoors

  • Its functionally shaped housing allows the laser to be easily positioned in corners. The right angle is rotated over the perpendicular reference point. No measurement errors caused by displacement of the reference point when aligning the laser

Receiver REC 410 Line RF

  • Enables right angles to be set out. At the touch of a button. Fully automatic. Just 1 man needed
  • Specially developed for perfect teamwork with the LA 180 L laser. The receiver picks up the pulsed laser lines and automatically controls the fine adjustment of the laser. Ultra-simple – at the touch of a button
  • Measuring heights in a flash: with the REC 410 Line RF Receiver you can also measure outdoors quickly and accurately. Distances of up to 100 m

  • Fold-out reference notch for precise positioning of the receiver

  • Fold-out foot for positioning the receiver on the ground

  • Displays on the front and rear – extremely practical! Connection point for changing the position on the magnetic bracket

  • The adjustable bracket allows the receiver to be quickly and securely fastened to the batter board

  • The REC 410 Line RF receiver uses wireless technology to control the LA 180 L laser. One press of a button is enough. The laser adjusts itself automatically
  • Art. No. 17955/7


  • LA 180 L multi-line laser
  • REC 410 Line RF receiver with bracket
  • 2 target plates
  • Batteries
  • Laser goggles
  • Manual
  • Case


  • 4005069180447

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