Lisle 15000 Small Cylinder Hone

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Product Description


Best by Far – Yet Competitively Priced.

Micrometer head assures accuracy in feeding. Expands quickly to cylinder size with fast action rack and pinion. Bottom guard plate helps prevent stones from accidentally hitting the crankshaft. Universal joint action makes grinding of back cylinder easy. Clip-on stones and wipers are easily changed in a few seconds. Stones are available in five grits. Use with heavy-duty 1/2″ drill. Standard range 3″ to 4 1/4″. Big range (2 3/4″ – 10 1/4″) with additional rack sets and stone sets. Long 5″ stones cut faster, more accurately.

Includes the following: Cylinder hone body with 1 set of 15540 standard range rack (range is 3″ to 4 1/4″). 1 set each of 15500 coarse stones and 15510 medium stones, cleaning brush and dressing paddle in a sturdy storage case.

Available Individually:

Cylinder Size Range Rack Set
Part No. Weight
80 Grit 180 Grit 280 Grit 500 Grit Special Hard Bond for Steel 150 Grit
2 3/4″- 3 3/4″
15690 15700 —– —–
3″-4 1/4″
76.2- 108mm
1lb. 2oz.
15500 15510 15520 15990 15490
4″-61/4″ 100-158mm 15530
1 lb. 6oz.
15500 15510 15520 15990 15490
6 1/8″-101/4″
15500 15510 15520 15990 15490

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