GEARWRENCH 3885 Ratcheting Tap and Die 40 Piece Set SAE

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Product Description


  • Die Adapter Works on Round and Hex Shaped Dies
  • 5 Degree Ratcheting Arc with Reversible Lever Eliminates Hand Over Hand Turning
  • Patented Twist Lock Guide System Reduces “Back Walk” of Die Guard
  • Die Adapter Works with Pass-Thru® Ratchet and Socket System as Well as Vortex? Socket Accessories
  • Autolocking Feature Allows for Safe Removal of Tap Adapter
  • Spring-Loaded Cap Allows for Quick-Release of Large Tap Adapter
  • Extension Adapters Provide Access in Tight Confined Areas


  • 3881 Ratcheting “T” Wrench
  • 3882 Tap Adapter
  • 3883 Tap Adapter
  • 3884D Medium Hex Die Adapter
  • 388701N 4-40 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388702N 6-32 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388703N 8-32 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388704N 10-24 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388705N 10-32 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388706N 12-24 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388707N 1/4-20 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388708N 1/4-28 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388709N 5/16-18 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388710N 5/16-24 Carbon Steel Taper Tap
  • 388711N 3/8-16 Carbon Steel Plug Tap
  • 388712N 3/8-24 Carbon Steel Plug Tap
  • 388713N 7/16-14 Carbon Steel Plug Tap
  • 388714N 7/16-20 Carbon Steel Plug Tap
  • 388715N 1/2-13 Carbon Steel Plug Tap
  • 388716N 1/2-20 Carbon Steel Plug Tap
  • 388734N 1/8-27 Carbon Steel National Pipe Thread Tap
  • 388735N 4-40 Hex Die
  • 388736N 6-32 Hex Die
  • 388737N 8-32 Hex Die
  • 388738N 10-24 Hex Die
  • 388739N 10-32 Hex Die
  • 388740N 12-24 Hex Die
  • 388767N 1/8-27 National Pipe Thread Hex Die
  • 388741N 1/4-20 Hex Die
  • 388742N 1/4-28 Hex Die
  • 388743N 5/16-18 Hex Die
  • 388744N 5/16-24 Hex Die
  • 388745N 3/8-16 Hex Die
  • 388746N 3/8-24 Hex Die
  • 388747N 7/16-14 Hex Die
  • 388748N 7/16-20 Hex Die
  • 388749N 1/2-13 Hex Die
  • 388750N 1/2-20 Hex Die


  • 082171388514

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