Bahco – the best of Swedish hand tool expertise available in Australia
Although the Bahco name is just over sixty years old, the Swede who invented the adjustable wrench a hundred and twenty odd years ago was its real founder. This helps explain why theirs is such a trusted name for tools and tool kits. We stock over 200 Bahco products here at Discount Trader. These range from torsion bar and screwdriver sets, through nail pullers, adjustable wrenches, slip joint pliers and spanners galore, clamps to hammers, axes and hacksaws. Plus tape measures, plumbers and general tool belt sets and bags, tube cutters, spirit levels, and utility knives. For backyard or front garden work, you’ll find Bahco shovels, spades and loppers, secateurs, shears and pruning saws. You’ll even notice a terrific grinding stone or a telescopic reach magnetic pick-up tool! If we’ve missed anything from this Bahco tools and tool kit list, you’ll probably still find it here!
Bahco choice is backed up by Discount Trader enduring value and low shipping costs, plus useful 14-day returns policy. Need to know more about Bahco tools? We’re ready to help and just a phone call away at (03) 8555 0035.

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